Thoughts on my new marquetry art guitar in the works- 1966

It’s a cool experience to take a shimmer of an idea for a guitar design to the studio and begin creating. This picture shows a detail of one of three guitars I have in the works. I’m crafting a series of guitars that look at the counterculture literature of the ’60’s and ’70’s- the mind-bending stuff that you didn’t get from your teachers. The Boy Scout Handbook serves in this design as a counterpoint, as the expected path for a young man. Coupling this with imagery of Mad Magazine and the Beatles’ Revolver album is making for a guitar design that is on its way to becoming one of my favorites. 

Marquetry is a way of painting with wood

Back in the guitarmaking groove

Waking up to snow on the ground in November can be alarming, but very Maine-like… Snow turned to rain making for the perfect day to hunker down in the shop and get a lot done. I’m working on a series of three guitars which each feature a unique design relating to the counterculture literature that was making the rounds when I was young. My open mind was heavily influenced by my older brother who was the perfect age to take advantage of all the great music and excesses of the sixties. It was when he wasn’t around that I got to pilfer his goods- guitars, albums, and books. moving them over to my room for as long as I could get away with it. 

Here’s the three in various states of progress-

Pushing the season and making ornaments…

Making guitars is a thrilling endeavor, a journey, a long ride through many many steps with a very high level of care and attention needed at all times. I find guitarmaking a full expression of who I am as an artist, craftsman, and musician. However…

Sometimes it’s just plain fun to work fast on short little creative projects. Dorothy and I have ordered a mess of 3″ wood discs and challenged ourselves to make ornaments using woodburning pens. At least that’s where we’re starting from… and a few weeks later, I’ve made a grand total of eight and they have made their way to the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner to be offered for sale. Stop by!