Big List of Thank Yous

My Eat a Peach Tribute Guitar is taking me for a really interesting, beautiful, and unexpected ride. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. I’d like to send out my deep appreciation and gratitude to the following people who have helped in one way or another to make this all possible-and this list keeps growing!

The Big House Museum
Tommy Alderson
Jean Bourg/93 Main
Richard Brent
Larry Briggs
Gary Brown
Dave ‘Trash’ Cole
Jonathan Davies
John Detrick
Tom and Wendy Drinkwater
David Goodale/Goodale Custom Apparel
John Goodine
Heidi Huminski
Leslie Hodgkins
Bert Holman
Rich Johnson
David ‘Bluesy’ Jones
Kevin Kalagher
Skoots Lyndon
Maine Crafts Association
Herman Mantis
Mandy Mears
Michael Wilson Photography
Peter ‘Psychodelik Pete’ Nogas
Michael Pierce
Terese Qubeck
Doug Rappoport
Baker Rorick
Dorothy Royle
Sheptone Pickups
Maria-Alexandra Boicu Sullivan
John Sullivan
Unity Barn Raisers