Crowdfund Campaign


The Indiegogo crowd fund campaign to get the Eat a Peach Tribute Guitar to Allman Brothers Band Big House Museum in Macon, GA ended at midnight PST May 20, 2018  and we’re thrilled to report that the guitar is headed to Macon! HUGE thank yous to ABB manager Bert Holman and Museum director Richard Brent, and to family, friends and fans who joined the ride and supported the campaign as donors, behind-the-scenes magicians, and the essential cheering section. Whew, what a beautiful ride!  We have thank notes to write, perks to distribute, and a trip to GA to plan…

Along the way people asked why not just give the guitar to the Museum. Perhaps a bigger manufacturer of guitars can afford to give a guitar away, but that is not the case for my one-man shop. A finished guitar must be sold to provide capital to fund the next builds. Funders of the campaign provided the purchase price of the guitar and a trip for two to Macon, Georgia where we’ll present the guitar to The Big House Museum in a meaningful way. I’m grateful beyond words for the support of so many.

Please follow me on social media for the continuing story as the Eat A Peach Tribute Guitar makes its way to the Allman Brothers Big House Museum. Thank you!