Crowdfund Campaign


Let’s say a big thank you to this incredible band for all the good vibes they’ve given us over the years by working together, through the strength of many, to get the Eat a Peach Tribute Guitar to Allman Brothers Band Big House Museum in Macon Georgia. With ABB manager Bert Holman and Museum director Richard Brent, we’re seizing the moment to make this crowdfund campaign a success. All levels of support are gladly welcomed and genuinely appreciated; donation perks for all levels of support,  including museum memberships, special edition t-shirts and tattoos. Donors at every level will have their name on a plaque to be displayed with the guitar at The Big House Museum.

A bigger manufacturer of guitars can afford to give a guitar away, but that is not the case for my one-man shop. A finished guitar must be sold to provide capital to fund the next builds.Funders of this campaign will provide the purchase price of the guitar and cover expenses for a trip for two to Macon, Georgia where I’ll present the guitar to The Big House Museum in a meaningful way.

I’ve donated to several crowdfunding campaigns before and have found it to be fun. I liked chipping in early and keeping track of the campaign to see how it unfolds and ultimately to see if it succeeds. I’ve also enjoyed getting the perks offered. If you want to help this campaign succeed, contributing is the most direct thing you can do. Equally important is to help spread the news by spreading the news. I will be sending out updates via email and through Instagram and Facebook. Please follow me on social media and share this story with your friends. Thank you!


On March 23 my crowd fund campaign, Send Eat A Peach Guitar to Allman Brothers Museum launches on Indiegogo.  I’m calling for fans far and wide to support moving my Eat A Peach Tribute Guitar to the Allman Brothers’ Big House Museum in Macon, Georgia. The campaign kicks off with a party, potluck and jam at the Unity Community Center in Unity, ME on Friday, March 23 from 6-10pm. Come join the fun! Musicians, bring your instruments!