We left Woodstock last year in the driving rain…

…and will arrive this year in the driving rain. Woodstock! Maybe Dylan’s Hard Rains Gonna Fall was written here. I’m grateful to return to see some of the finest guitars on the planet and to connect with my luthier friends. Headed by Baker Rorick, the show has a revolving cast of guitarmakers. I had a booth there last year and hope to return again. This time, we are here to enjoy some world class picking in a very cool little town. Dorothy and I will be at the Show tomorrow morning (Sunday) until around 1:00. If you see me, come say hello!

Macon to Maine

…and how time flies! We left Macon in our rear view mirror on Sunday the 24th to head for the coast. Two days of fun and intrigue ensued with Dorothy’s friends Allison and Nathan as we dined and swam at their May River getaway and then enjoyed poking around Savannah on Monday. Here I received news that my dad’s wife of 8 years had passed. We decided to extend our trip a few days to be able to be with my dad and attend the funeral service.

Pointing the car North at long last we went on a driving binge- 850 miles in one day, to get to Dorothy’s mom’s in Henryville, PA. The drive lasted some 15 hours, the longest ever in a car for both of us. The scenery and the conversation just kept on rolling by and once we got past 500 miles we both got a bit competetive-minded about going the whole distance. Their family home in the Poconos is a great place to recharge. Two rainy days and for the first time we were looking back on the heat of the South with some fondness and longing as we lit the fireplace and put on sweaters.

The service for Ann Macdonald was lovely and traditional. I got to reconnect with folks that I hadn’t seen since their wedding in 2010. Ann was a very positive woman who always had a smile for everyone. May she rest in peace.

Dorothy and I headed out on our last bit of Northering Sunday and were compelled to return to Wallis Sands State Beach in NH where we both swam on our way down to Macon. A different tide and cooler weather made our walk across the sand a bit more tentative as big rollers were crashing on the beach…but what the heck, we went for it! A bit of body surfing, a bit of getting tossed around like rag dolls, and we were out of there and all smiles! It’s a great set-up they have in New Hampshire. They spotted a great cafe and a funky coffee shop less than 10 minutes away from the beach in nearby Portsmouth. This beach/coffee combo will be a regular on our trips south and north…

…and we pulled into the driveway as the sun was setting…Home! A two week rollicking trip to the heart of Allman Brothers country- the guitar pulled us along on a grand adventure! I couldn’t be happier that it is now part of the Allman Brothers Band’s Museum at the Big House collection of very cool guitars. My wish is for this instrument to be played by many for a long time to come.

Good morning Macon

Huge thanks to Becky Purser and Beau Cabell of the Georgia Telegraph for the beautiful story and video. Dave Trash Cole alerted me with a text this morning and I just picked up a bunch of printed copies. Wow I think this might be my new favorite picture. We are headed to the GABBAfest Tree Dedication at Rose Hill Cemetery in a bit and then a lazy Sunday brunch with Dave and Skoots and Mandy.